Valley Christian Fellowship began in October of 1984 as a small home Bible study consisting of twenty people. This soon led to the necessity of finding a larger facility to hold services and the group decided to use the gymnasium at Sequoia School. The original intention was to rent the gymnasium temporarily… we stayed there for twelve years! It required a crew of members to set up and tear down every Sunday, but just as each Israelite tribe of the Old Testament had a specific job when building the Tabernacle, there were specific tasks for teams of our wonderful members who served tirelessly. 

Our hearts have always been invested in the support of missions. In 1986, our building fund reached $30,000. The body decided by faith to donate it all to missions until we had a clear vision and plan for a permanent home.

When a perfect location came available in 1989, God moved in hearts and our generous church family raised the needed $50,000 in just three weeks. The twelve acres on Rancho Road were purchased, including the house that now is used for church offices. Miracle after miracle saw us through some early challenges in the construction process, which began in 1995 after the property balance was paid in full. It has been a journey of continual improvements ever since, including construction of the “tabernacle” in front where many events are held. Today we fill up our buildings and use our property to teach, train and equip believers for the glory of God.


Valley Christian Family represents Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior in our community here in Redding, Shasta County, and the world. We consider ourselves a loving family, one of the many Christian communities worshiping and serving our Lord in this part of the North State. As each family has its own culture developed through shared experiences, VCF has created a culture of welcome and acceptance, a place for each one who joins us to learn more about the goodness of God and truth from His love letter, the Bible. It is a safe place to learn and grow and worship together. 

We are a non-denominational church with roots in the teachings of Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel. Our worship is contemporary while honoring and incorporating the rich worship traditions of the Christian church through the ages. 

Community and fellowship have become an important quality of our identity. Our many ministries strive for inclusion and welcome for all who come through our doors. VCF is an encouraging place to use gifts and talents within the family and as we reach out to our community and the world. We choose to be a family that lives by FAITH, lives with HOPE, and lives to LOVE

From children’s ministries to our elder generation, each fills an important role in the life of our church family.  If you are searching for a church home, we would be honored to meet you and invite you to join our family.